This web site is devoted to the Arian AMU fonts family created by font designer Ruben Hakobyan (Tarumian) in order to ensure high quality performance while making multilingual texts. Despite the fact that dozens of Armenian computer fonts were created during last two decades, however there is an obvious deficit of multilingual fonts. While compiling a text with Armenian and non Armenian characters one usually should employ different fonts, which negatively affects the appearance of text and involves technical difficulties, especially in software interfaces.

Currently Arian AMU fonts besides Armenian enable creation texts in all European languages with Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, as well as in Georgian and Hebrew. Thus Arian AMU fonts address almost all language related requirements of Armenian residents. Besides that they represent three style groups: serif, sans-serif and monospaced. In addition two new computer font styles are set to be made (Bookstyle and Aramian) for philological and literature texts which traditionally use that kind of script.

New versions have been implemented by the support of ARGA Foundation. The fonts are free. See License agreement.

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